Find My Seed Provides Free and Valuable Seed Data

Find My Seed Provides Free and Valuable Seed Data

Find My Seed makes it easy for growers to find the right seed based on the factors that are important to them, such as location, soil type, seed technology, brand and more. After a grower selects a few options based on these factors, Find My Seed shows the top performing seeds that match their unique needs. The most recent update also added latest third-party seed trials to ensure that growers receive the most accurate seed data available. Agrible Chief Science Officer Paul Miller says

Miller: "Its a free product. You can sign up for it. You can check out the various seeds you are interested in, the varieties you are interested in. You don't have to use the rest of our products, but we recommend that if you sign up for find my seed, then you sign up for the morning farm report. We have a number of free-tiered products there. We have one of the best rainfall products in predictive-analytics sphere for agriculture."

Miller says providing this wealth of seed data provides growers an opportunity to learn more about Agrible and their many available software programs for farmers.

Miller: "With a find my seed account. You can sign up and create a free grower account. You can get at least a free rainfall data and look at what else you might be interested as part of the program. We highly recommend that people do that. That is why we put find my seed program out there, we want to introduce our other programs to people. You can manage as little or as much as you want."

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