Adopt Your  Next Equine Partner Online Through July

Adopt Your Next Equine Partner Online Through July

Susan Allen
Susan Allen
As someone whose family runs cattle I understand how our rangeland can only support a specific number of livestock and wildlife. But as a lifelong equestrian, my heart breaks for wild horses that will spend years some a lifetime in holding facilities. Adoption is a solution that works and the BLM in Hines OR is holding their annual online wild horse adoption through July. Here is Tara Thissal who captured the essence of these beautiful animals in the photos and videos you see on their site.

Thissal : So if you go online to the BLM adopt a horse website you will see the online gallery full of horses available for adoption. There are horses from Nevada and Oregon up for adoption on this round of the internet so you can go online and see photos and videos of the horse and perhaps a description of the temperament and then participate in the bidding process for the next month.

There is a unique bond that occurs when a wild horse trusts you, unlike any domestic horse. Tara gets a taste of this when she photographs them.

Thissal : I am in the pen with each animal one on one. It's not a big pen so they don't have a huge amount of space to move around but they can be up close and personal with me so I get a good feel for their temperament and watch their movement, these horses are coming from the wild but they are actually very adaptable in private care.

Check out how beautiful they are. Patience time and love equals a great equine partner.


More information about the BLM corral in Burns:

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