Ag Education Online Opportunity

Ag Education Online Opportunity

As those of us involved in the ag industry realize with the future global food demands ever increasing, there is a bright future for youth interested in pursuing a career in agriculture. However often bright students who has an interest in learning more about ag, may not have ag-specific courses available to them. One solution for these students is Nelson Academy of Agricultural Sciences Online. Certified Ag teacher and Nelson Academy instructor Kyle Kimble shares more details about this exciting ag academy.

Kimble: "Our target market is really home-school, private school and there are some adult-based courses as well. There are over 20 courses that Leroy Nelson has developed. Again we target those kids that don't or can't take or get an ag class for whatever reason. Whether their program didn't fill an ag position — because there is a shortage of ag teachers. Or because their school can't offer it — because it is private school or home school situation — those are really the people we are targeting. We have even had some adults take courses in farm business management or crop science to increase their own knowledge."

To learn more go to This online academy was created five years ago and has recently hired teachers from around the country to teach courses and to help market the school and Kimble adds

Kimble: "To give a more local feel to a online agriculture course. It is the only online school in the nation that is solely agricultural based."

That website again is

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