March Salutes Colorado Cucumbers

March Salutes Colorado Cucumbers

This month, the Colorado Proud recipe showcases Colorado cucumbers. Colorado Department of Ag's Marketing Specialist Wendy White shares more details

White: "March features cucumbers so we've got a unique twist for St. Patrick's Day with a Thai Peanut Cucumber Salad. So it has a spicy Thai flavor — but with those cool cucumbers it will be perfect for your St. Paddy's Day feast."

Some might not immediately think of Colorado as a cucumber producing state. White says

White: "Definitely not a huge crop in Colorado, but we do grow them. We do have them available year round. There are several producers who grow them in greenhouses so you can find them. The interesting thing about cucumbers is that they are 95 percent water — so they are really a great healthy snack. They provide hydration and really provide a lot of crisp flavor to dishes."

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White reminds producers who may not yet have signed up for the 2016 Farm Fresh Directory.

White: "The Colorado Farm Fresh Directory the 2016 edition — we're putting it together now. It is really to help producers promote their products — those who direct market their food and ag products. There is a $25 listing fee. We've extended the deadline until March 18th. So farmers markets, roadside stands, u-picks — all of those kind of operations — agritourism. We encourage them to list in the 2016 Farm Fresh Directory. We have all the information available on our website at"

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