H-2A Town Hall

H-2A Town Hall

H-2A Town Hall. I'm Greg Martin with Washington Ag Today.

Anyone who has need of the H-2A guest worker program should consider attending one of the upcoming H-2A Town Hall meetings. wafla's, Juli Tuson says it's a virtual meeting.

TUSON: We're going to log into a GoTo Meeting so that we're going to have different locations throughout the state and Oregon; Wenatchee, Yakima, Pasco and Lacey. We have a new guidebook, we will walk through the guidebook. The first meeting will be the preliminary information for processing an H-2A contract. So that goes through is it right for you, the cost, documents, the agencies we have to file with, good HR practices, different kinds of contracts and just what you need to get started in the program.

Even though it's a virtual meeting you will need to attend one of the location meetings.

TUSON: People have to come to the locations to take part. The virtual part of it is I guess is that we're going to connect with all the locations so that people can ask questions and everybody can learn from what other members are going through. And we're hoping that it will become a support group where people bounce questions and answers off each other and that they will use each other as resources going forward, as well as us.

There will be five town hall meetings beginning next Thursday, March 10th and then taking place the second Thursday of each consecutive month. To register for these meetings, visit wafla.org.

And that's Washington Ag Today. I'm Greg Martin, thanks for listening on the Ag Information Network of the West.

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