More Forest Restorations & Animal Cruelty Definition

More Forest Restorations & Animal Cruelty Definition

More Forest Restorations & Animal Cruelty Definition. I'm Greg Martin with today's Northwest Report.

The Greater La Pine Basin Cohesive Strategy Project will receive $250,000 this year from the Joint Chiefs' Landscape Restoration Partnership and the U.S. Forest Service will invest $952,125 as part of a much needed restoration. We mentioned last week that Oregon, Idaho and Washington are all receiving funds for restoration projects. Tracy Robillard with NRCS:

ROBILLARD: Especially in light of the devastating wildfire season that we had last year, it really highlights the importance of doing these proactive forest restoration projects. This project ultimately is going to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire coming through that area and it's also going to help build resilience to insects and disease, protect water quality and provide habitat for wildlife in the area.

The definition of animal cruelty could be getting reworked by Idaho lawmakers after a recent incident where a pony had to euthanized after being dragged behind a vehicle on a paved road for more than a mile. The House Agricultural Affairs Committee introduced legislation last Thursday that defines torture as acts that intentionally and maliciously cause an animal to suffer or feel prolonged pain. The panel approved sending the bill to a full legislative hearing on Thursday, with only Republican Rep. Gayle Batt of Wilder opposed.

That's today's Northwest Report. I'm Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network of the West.

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