Colorado Horse Council

Colorado Horse Council

Colorado Horse Council. I’m Greg Martin with Colorado Ag Today.

If you are into horses, you love to ride and want to see the equine industry thrive then you should be a part of the Colorado Horse Council. Executive Director Bill Scebbi discusses what the council does.

SCEBBI: It was founded in 1972 and we have been the voice of the equine industry for that entire time. Our main focus is on protecting, promoting and developing the equine industry in the state of Colorado. By protecting I mean we look at all different types of legislation that goes through the state legislature to see if there’s anything going through that’s going to affect the horse industry.

He says they do a lot to protect the rights of horse owners as well.

SCEBBI: We also look at land issues, access issues when developments are starting to be formed in the state of Colorado and different municipalities or development organizations are trying to close off regularly used land for horse trails or horse properties

One of the highlights for the council is their Horse Expo and the just completed Heritage Ride.

SCEBBI: Just under a hundred horses showed up for our second annual Heritage Ride and our Heritage Ride is that one activity where we want to bring about awareness. So really it’s an awareness fundraiser because we also have to create that awareness so that state legislators, so that municipalities, so that people who are decision makers in our community understand that horses are important in our lives and they are important to our heritage and the future growth of our state.

And that’s Colorado Ag Today. I’m Greg Martin, thanks for listening on the Ag Information Network of the West.

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