Insect Monitoring & Farm Internships

Insect Monitoring & Farm Internships

Insect Monitoring & Farm Internships

I'm Lacy Gray with Washington Ag Today.

The Washington State Potato Commission is providing growers with free yellow sticky cards for beet leafhopper and potato psyllid monitoring, along with delta traps with sticky liners and pheromone capsules for potato tuberworm moth monitoring. WPC will also provide deployment instructions, magnifying glasses and trap stands free upon request. For more information contact the WSPC at 509-765-8845

Experience International is a non-profit organization located in Everson, Washington that was founded in 1988 by Charlie Walkinshaw, former director of MAST International, a J-1 sponsor that works specifically with agriculture internships. EI provides international professionals and students an opportunity to be placed into agricultural short-term positions in the U.S. where they will gain experience for career and skill development along with a cultural and technological exchange. Sarah Pearson, Director of International Training and Exchange Programs at EI, says they were first designated to sponsor trainees, then about 9 years ago they were approved to sponsor interns as well.

PEARSON: So, for people with a little less experience to be able to come to the U.S. for training as part of their schoolwork, or as part of their higher ed degree, or just after they've graduated with their degree and don't have a lot of experience yet in order to build up their skills and experience.

EI sponsors roughly 60 to 100 trainees and interns per year all across the U.S. in the fields of agriculture, business, science, forestry, fisheries and natural resource management and conservation. Pearson will be back tomorrow to talk about their various programs and host opportunities right here in Washington.

To learn more visit or contact Sarah Pearson at 360-966-3876 or

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