More On Ports & Quarantine Lifted

More On Ports & Quarantine Lifted

More On Ports & Quarantine Lifted. I'm Greg Martin with today's Northwest Report.

The Washington State Department of Agriculture today lifted a quarantine that had been in place in parts of Benton and Franklin counties, 21 days after an emergency rule was adopted to enact the quarantine and restrict the movement of eggs, poultry or poultry products in the zone. WSDA has determined that the avian influenza detected in the two Benton County backyard flocks in December does not appear to have spread beyond those two sites.

The Portland port issue is causing major frustrations for not only agriculture across the west but other industry as well. The Oregon Department of Agricultures Director, Katy Coba says you need to speak out.

COBA: First of all I want to acknowledge the frustration because the frustration level is incredibly high and rightfully so and we're all frustrated I wish there was something that could be done legally at the state level, the reality is, it's a federal issue but what each and everyone of us can do is be contacting our federal delegation and you can do it through a Department of Agriculture, sharing your frustrations, that's most appropriate. Also the governor's office. I know that our governor is engaged with our federal delegation, but contacting your own congressman, letting him know how it's affecting you personally and giving them specific examples in terms of economic damage, that's the most credible and helpful for our congressional members as well.

Coba was speaking at the 2015 Washington/Oregon Potato Conference.

That's today's Northwest Report. I'm Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network of the West.

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