Feeding Baby

Feeding Baby

The old adage about eating for two when you are pregnant holds a lot of water. Bridget Coon, author of the blog, the Ranch Wife Life, talks about the benefits of eating beef when pregnant.

COON: There are a wealth of benefits that come from just a bundle of nutrients, it being a nutrient dense food. It can come in handy when you are in early stages of pregnancy when you don’t care to eat much or even when you are in later stages of pregnancy where you would like to eat much but there isn’t room for much. If you are trying to eat a little more but a lot smarter which is a great concept during pregnancy, beef helps you get a lot of nutrients with not a lot of calories or extra food.

Some new research is showing the benefits as well.

COON: One of the other really essential nutrients for women who are pregnant or nursing is iron and it can be kind of difficult to reach the dietary recommendation. It jumps from 18 to 27 milligrams when you are pregnant and so beef is a really iron-rich food and so we know that we can let pregnant women who are reaching for those nutrients that beef will help them get there in a moderate serving.

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