FDA  Approves New Feeding Method for Zilmax

FDA Approves New Feeding Method for Zilmax

In yesterday’s program, we spoke to Merck Animal Health Nutritionist Dr. David Yates about the progress of their five step plan concerning Zilmax. Today we will learn more the newly approved Zilmax label as Dr. Yates shares.
Yates: “The new FDA-approval of a second feeding method for Zilmax. The feeding method is called Component Feeding and it’s the first of its kind for this class. And it basically allows the feeder to feed a targeted lower dose in a single feeding. So it is an alternative method of feeding Zilmax to the cattle to ensure that they are all receiving the correct dose.
The original label for continuous feeding use is still viable but Component Feeding provides cattle feeders with an alternative option to deliver the appropriate dose of Zilmax to cattle every day. Dr. Yates continue
Yates: “What it is a 20 day feeding and it is just simple a single feeding. So these feeding mills are very complexed and if you can do it in one ration and one feeding it makes the mill run much more efficiently and effectively.
In addition to the new label, Merck also announced progress with their five step process which included completing their extensive review and analysis of research data; moving to the final stages of focusing on planned in-field studies as well as both their online certification program and best management practices being adopted.
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