Multi Peril

Multi Peril

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
USDA is Reminding Pacific Northwest Producers of the Upcoming Crop Insurance Sales Closing Deadlines. The USDA's Risk Management Agency reminds producers in the Pacific Northwest of upcoming sales closing deadlines for 2015 fall crop Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) programs.


The sales closing date is the last day to buy federal crop insurance. Current policyholders and uninsured producers must make all of their decisions on crop insurance coverage, especially which crops to insure and what level and type of coverage to get before the sales closing date. Here's Jo Lynne Seufer with the 2015 crop year sales closing deadlines:  


•     Canola/Rapeseed – September 2 (for fall planted types);

•     Onions – September 2 (fall planted types - Umatilla/Walla Walla counties only);

•     Mint with Winter Coverage – September 30;

•     Forage Production – September 30 (select counties, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington);

•     Forage (Alfalfa) Seed – September 30;

•     Fall Planted Barley with Winter Coverage – September 30 (in select counties);

•     Fall Planted Dry Peas/Lentils with Winter Coverage – September 30 (in select counties); and

•     Wheat – September 30.


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