HSUS Working on Getting Colorado Ballot with Animal Welfare Initiatives

HSUS Working on Getting Colorado Ballot with Animal Welfare Initiatives

Well, the Humane Society of the United States is at it again. The HSUS is trying to get multiple animal welfare ballot initiatives passed in Colorado that would affect animal husbandry practices for colorado livestock and dairy producers.

Colorado Cattlemen's Association Executive Vice President Terry Fankhauser shares the ploys used by HSUS

Fankhauser: "For them, this is a business. It is really not about animal welfare. Our polling data indicates that people understand that once explained. It is common knowledge for those involved in and around HSUS. They don't invest — a very small amount of their money in animal welfare issues but they invest a tremendous amount and earn even more by running ballot initiatives like this in Colorado."

Fankhauser adds that running the campaign for and against these ballot measures can cost anywhere from several million to up to $10 million. HSUS motive? Raising more money ...

Frankhauser: "We know that HSUS will earn more in Colorado than they spend so it is a business model."

He shares the example of the Colorado's dairy industry is phasing out tail banding or docking over the next decade (which is addressed in one of the proposed ballot measures) and they reached out to HSUS and shared their timeline of phasing out the practice and asked HSUS to help support and informing the public of that effort. HSUS wasn't interested but instead pursued the ballot initiative route.

Monday I'll give more details about what is being proposed in the different ballot initiatives.

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