Idaho Company Provides Livestock Pregnancy Tests

Idaho Company Provides Livestock Pregnancy Tests

testing services sold under the trade name BioPRYN. Dr. Sasser explains more about the services provided

Sasser: “Our laboratory in Moscow, Idaho receives blood samples from producers across the U.S. and we run a test on that blood to see if there is a protein in there that is specific to the placenta — if the cow has one. And if we find this protein called pregnancy-specific protein B then we are quite certain that the cow is pregnant or has been pregnant.”

In addition to running the in-house pregnancy tests on livestock, BioTracking also sells the testing kits to labs all over the world.

The turn around time in getting producers results is very quick the day or following day of when they run the test. The blood doesn’t need to be refrigerated and many producers send the samples via the U.S. postal service.

How accurate are the tests?

Sasser: “We have not missed and we’ve done now 5 million samples since 2003. That is a lot of samples. And that to me shows that the technology is being accepted by the industry. Now about every year there is about a million samples being tested for this protein.”

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