South Dakota Blizzard Help Shows Ag's Heart

South Dakota Blizzard Help Shows Ag's Heart

One aspect of our ag industry that I've always admired and appreciated is that when someone need's help -- farmers and ranchers are the first to lend a hand. Following the devastating October blizzard in South Dakota and other portions of the North Central U.S. -- cattlemen and others in the agriculture community have really reached out to the affected ranchers.

Hugh Ingalls of Centennial Angus in Faith, South Dakota experienced firsthand some of the storms' monumental losses - and the kindness of the agriculture community as he lost nearly 200 herd from his herd.

Ingalls: "There is a group in Montana that has been taking donations for heifers from neighboring states. I know for a fact that they delivered 400 head to western South Dakota last week and they have more to bring -- that's encouraging. They have the Ranchers Relief Fund that has been holding rollover auctions at all the auction barns raising money."

According to the Ranchers Relief Funds' Facebook page -- they have raised over $3.1 million. Ingalls says that the support through the fundraising has not only helped financially, but just importantly by giving those affected ranchers hope.

Ingalls: "There is no way that they can take care of all of the loss monetarily, but if it can just keep them going and give them courage and the fortitude to go on."

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