Fighting Flies

Fighting Flies

Fighting Flies. I'm Greg Martin with today's Line On Agriculture.

At this time of year flying pests are not much of a problem but come spring and summer and they definitely will be. Larry Hawkins with Bayer Healthcare discusses how you can combat these pests around livestock, poultry and more.

HAWKINS: Annihilator™ Polyzone® is new in June this year. The thing that is different about Annihilator™ Polyzone® is it's got this polymer in it, kind of like polyurethane varnish so it covers the active ingredient which is deltamethrin with this layer of covering that slowly peels away and exposes the active ingredients so the net result is we get a long term effect from this.

Hawkins says they exposed the product to both water and sun with little detriment to the effectiveness of the product.

HAWKINS: So in processing areas, dairy barns, parlors those kinds of places that get washed routinely producers can put this on the walls and it won't wash away so it gives them some real advantage in those areas. Also on the exterior of buildings especially in humid climates it has some advantage there because it stays there even when you are getting a quarter inch of dew every morning.

The best test of course is in everyday situations.

HAWKINS: We used it this summer. Sent it out to some producers and asked them to send us back some results on how they thought it worked and wanted to test out in the field. Producers were excited about it and the fact that they could kill flies and not have to apply it daily.

That's today's Line On Agriculture. I'm Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network.

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