Hastings On Shutdown & More Rain plus Picking a Great Cut of Beef

Hastings On Shutdown & More Rain plus Picking a Great Cut of Beef

Hastings On Shutdown & More Rain plus Picking a Great Cut of Beef. I'm Greg Martin with today's Northwest Report.

As the government shut down rolls to the end of the week Washington Congressman Doc Hastings says that he is disappointed that the Democrats and Republicans could not agree to hash out this issue.

HASTINGS: This is something that has been building for some time. It didn't just come out of the blue that there would be a situation where one really has to confront future policy by taking action to get a decision made. If there is going to be a law of the land then everybody ought to be treated the same including members of Congress and people that work in the government. It was kind of that spark that started all of this. You have also heard me say over the years that that when the House and the Senate have a difference of opinion then you simply try to work out, negotiate the difference of opinion. That is kind of where the dilemma is right now.

Well it might be a bit more damp in the Portland area this winter as one meteorologist has forecast almost six extra inches of rain for the metro area. KGW Meteorologist Rod Hill said there is a high chance of up to three major windstorms in the Portland area, with peak gusts of 50 to 70 mph.

Now how do you pick a great cut of beef. AgriBeef's Chef Alan Turner has some tips.

TURNER: Our Double R brand at AgriBeef, it's a USDA Choice brand and the first thing you have to look for is a great retail outlet. A butcher shop, a great market that cares enough about their guests that they stock USDA Choice Beef. It's restaurant grade beef. The reason people go to restaurants for a great steak often is because restaurants use different beef than a lot of grocery outlets will. It's a little more expensive but it also has the fine marbling and tender characteristics that great beef should have. So I'm going to say, ask your butcher - hey, I want a restaurant quality steak. I want USDA Choice Beef because it's got the marbling and flavoring and tenderness that I want and if that happens to come from Double R Ranch that would be awesome.

You can also get great steaks online at www.thedoublerranch.com along with more cooking tips and recipes from Chef Alan Turner.

Thanks Chef. That's today's Northwest Report. I'm Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network.

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