Falling Numbers in Pacific Northwest Wheat

Falling Numbers in Pacific Northwest Wheat

Falling numbers have been a big source of frustration for wheat growers this harvest season. Don Potts Washington Department of Agriculture Grain Inspection Program's Eastern Washington Regional Director has been traveling around to grain growers meetings visiting with farmers. He says it is important to remember there is a 5 percent variation when two samples are run at the same time. He urges farmers.

Potts: "And so the farmer needs to know that his sample can vary and if it is below 300 which the discount point, he can ask for a re-inspection. We keep all samples for at least three days. So if he gets the results and it's not what he wants he is entitled to a re-inspection."

The late summer rain that means good moisture for next year's crop -- hasn't been kind to later harvested wheat.

Potts says that the issue of falling numbers has really been big this year -- where usually in a year they may run several thousand samples in their three eastern Washington offices -- this year the total so far has been 11,000 samples for falling numbers.

As farmers are considering planting for next year, Potts says

Potts: "The farmer needs to know for next year, is to talk to the seed dealer, talk to his grain elevator company and grow a variety that is more resistant to sprouting and therefore will not have a lower falling number as it has this year."

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