Behind the Curtain

Behind the Curtain

I’m KayDee Gilkey and welcome to Open Range. Here’s Greg with today’s report.

Thanks KayDee. On today’s AgriBeef Minute, Dave Duquette, President of United Horsemen’s Association like many others has been keeping tabs on the Humane Society of the United States which seems to say one thing while doing another like asking you for money to help out animal shelters when in reality the money goes elsewhere.

DUQUETTE: We know the money goes to lobbying and to their 401K’s and their pension plans and all the different things that it goes to and they’ve got so much land and buildings they’ve bought. Millions of dollars worth. Millions and millions of dollars worth. Well if you get $150-million a year and you’re only using one-half of one percent to do what your mission statement is you know there’s money going somewhere.

Duquette says a lot of people believe they cannot fight this huge machine.

DUQUETTE: The reality is, yes you can. You can’t negotiate with the Humane Society. It pains me every time I see somebody, a group negotiating with them because I’ve seen it 25 times in 8 years now where they come back and they stab the organization - the pork or the chickens or the egg people - they stab them right in the back as soon as they get done negotiating with them. And they have proved this time and time again.

Once again Duquette says if you want to give money to help out make sure you give it directly to your local shelter and not to the corporation. I’m Greg Martin and that’s today’s AgriBeef Minute.

Thanks Greg. Don’t forget Greg will be back each Wednesday with the AgriBeef Minute. Agri Beef Co - Real Families, Great People, Exceptional Beef. I’m KayDee Gilkey.  

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