U.S. Growers Take Advantage of Opening of Brazilian Seed Potato Market

U.S. Growers Take Advantage of Opening of Brazilian Seed Potato Market

After many years of frustrating work to gain access to Brazil for U.S. seed potatoes as well as corresponding market development, U.S. seed potato growers are finally making sales.

United States Potato Board International Marketing Manager Sarah Reece shares

Reece: “After working in the Brazilian market for many years, importers are expanding their U.S. seed potato purchases and have imported 760 metric tons during FY 2013. Now this number is up from 150 metric in FY 2011 and zero in FY 2012. Brazil has been one of the USPB target markets for more than 10 years now. However, due to market access issues and lack of knowledge about U.S seed potato varieties. The exports until this year, have been pretty minimal. The growth demonstrates the effectiveness of our strategy to include market development activities, variety trials as well as seed tours.”

Reece says even with the recent success there is still considerable potential for increased sales of U.S. seed potatoes.

Reece: “The Board will continue working in this market and will conduct variety trails so that we can get new varieties registered in the market to allow importers to bring in additional U.S. varieties to grow our exports”.

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