More wildfires and Stalemate in the House

More wildfires and Stalemate in the House

More wildfires and Stalemate in the House plus Food Forethought. I’m Greg Martin with today’s Northwest Report.

Once again wildfires across the northwest are causing problems. The latest fire in Washington State has caused the evacuation of 70 people and closed US 97 between Toppenish and Goldendale in the S. Central part of the state. Two fires are burning in Oregon.One near Madras and the other south of Bend near LaPine. Officials are urging people to use extreme caution during this very hot, dry season.

The House and the Senate seem to be stalemated over the farm bill issue. Both houses have passed their farm bills and logically the next step would be for them to go to conference and hammer out the details to send to the President. Congressman Doc Hastings says it’s hung up on the Senate side.

HASTINGS: There has been talk and Chairman Lucas has said that he wants to pass a nutrition title out of the House. Hopefully that can happen sooner than later. My understanding there is a bit of resistance from the Senate to go to conference on the farm bill. Yet we did pass a farm bill. We call it a farm-farm bill because it deals with farm. Now there’s only one title that’s not in it and that’s the nutrition. That should not keep you from going to conference on the issues surrounding farm.

Now a look at land grant universities. Rod Bain has the report.

(USDA Report)

Thanks Rod. That’s today’s Northwest Report. I’m Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network. 

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