More on Environmental Litigators Abusing Legal System

More on Environmental Litigators Abusing Legal System

On Friday I reported on a not-so-well-known fact, that some environmental groups are suing the federal government for not following National Environmental Policy Act and Endangered Species Act processes, then if the litigators prevail in court the government pays the group’s attorney fees which has racked up millions of dollars being paid out. During these lawsuits, ranchers have to stop using the land due the lack of compliance.

Wyoming attorney Karen Budd-Falen has recently released a very interesting report concerning details on the gross judicial system abuse by these environmental groups.

She urges farmers and ranchers to speak to their U.S. senators and congressmen to first make sure they are aware that there is currently no accounting of paying of these litigation fees and request that legislation be put in place to account for all these monies being paid in litigation fees.

Budd-Falen: “The second thing Congress needs to look at is to understand the procedural nation of this litigation. I think it would be different if these environmental groups were really concerned with the environment and were concerned with litigation over the environment -- but that isn’t what these cases are about. It is simply process. And getting paid for process is putting our guys out of business. When you look at the environmental appeals and that the courts will enjoin or stop ag businesses simply because the federal government can not comply with the paperwork aspects is a HUGE problem for our industry.”

To learn more details from Budd-Falen’s report go here.

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