Step Back in Time at the Spring Farming Days

Step Back in Time at the Spring Farming Days

Step Back in Time at the Spring Farming Days

I’m KayDee Gilkey with the Northwest Farm and Ranch Report.

Do you have a hankering for the good old days? Miss the smell of freshly turned soil as you plow? Well, head to Pomeroy, Washington, this weekend for their annual Spring Farming Days and you can celebrate old time farming.

President of the Eastern Washington Agricultural Museum Jay Franks, shares more details about the exciting living history demonstrations that will be happening this weekend in Pomeroy.

Franks: “Spring farming days is held the first weekend in April every year. We have usually around 50 animals -- horses and mules -- that will come for the weekend. We will take the 13 acres and we’ll plow it, fertilize it, cultivate it, harrow it, and seed it all in that one weekend.”

In addition to the live demonstrations of horse drawn implements there will also be antique tractors taking a turn in the field. The ag museum will also be open.

Franks shares that the museum has been pleased with the strong support it has received financially as well as the donation of antique farming equipment.”

Franks: “You know I always thought that by now everybody’s antiques items were either thrown away or in a museum or something. That is definitely not true. There has been so much that has been donated in the last five years.”

And amazingly some of the museum’s implements are used for the field work.

Franks: “A lot of the teamsters were bring their own plows. Some will even bring their own harrows but we do have plows, we have harrows, we have cultivators all available.”

If you are looking for history to come alive, bring your family this weekend to the Garfield County Fairgrounds this Saturday and Sunday beginning at 9 a.m..


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