Rich Diversity of 4-H Program

Rich Diversity of 4-H Program

Rich Diversity of 4-H Program
I’m KayDee Gilkey with today’s Northwest Farm and Ranch Report.

As a past 4-Her myself, I realize the powerful impact 4-H can have on our youth. Many of us were involved in traditional 4-H clubs growing up, but perhaps are unaware of some of the rich diversity represented within the 4-H program.

With seven 4-H clubs on the CoIville Reservation, USDA FRTEP Extension Educator Linda McLean shares more about the unique program that brings 4-H and other extension services directly to the Reservation.

McLean: “4-H on the Reservation has been in existence for quite some time. but we are part of the FRTEP office or Federally Recognized Tribes Extension Program which provides an office and an extension agent to be stationed right on the Reservation so the residents from the Reservation do not have go off the Reservation or out to other counties to receive those 4-H services. 4-H provides over 100 different projects and getting youths involved in healthy activities is one of the priorities for the Colville Tribes.”

McLean shares one of the more unique projects available to tribal youth involved in 4-H.

McLean: “One of the main projects is the 4-H Keller Cultural Club. They focus specifically on the history, culture and traditions of learning the Colville Reservation. They learn the dances, the songs, the drumming style, the arts and crafts and the traditional regalia.”

In addition to the cultural club, she says that they also have traditional 4-H projects like livestock and small animals as well.

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