Dry Corn Harvest & FSA Reminder

Dry Corn Harvest & FSA Reminder

Fall has certainly settled in across the state, and in some areas it may feel more like winter with reports of one to five inches of snow accumulation. That snowfall and heavy rains in certain spots around the state temporarily stopped some producers from finishing up their dry corn harvest, but most were able to finish before that. Jay Gordon, farmer and dairy producer near Elma, talks about his corn harvest this year.

GORDON: We got done with corn harvest right before the big gully washer and rain showers and so I’m pretty much a happy camper - being pretty well prepared for winter over here. We finished literally in the rain, got the pits covered and watched it pour down rain and went “okay, that one’s done”.

And as far as how most producers here in the state did with corn harvest Gordon had this to say.

GORDON: Compared to the guys in the midwest, we did great. It was not a good corn year, but it was a good grass year, and so all in all I can’t complain.

Despite some spotty wet conditions, most farmers were able to wrap up their fall field work last week, and proceed with the cleaning and servicing of machinery for winter storage.

Reminder to growers that December 15 is the deadline for reporting their 2013 small grain crops seeded in the fall of 2012 to their local Farm Service Agency office, and that the acreage reporting requirement has changed from a single date in prior years to multiple reporting dates for 2013.  For more information contact your local FSA office.


I’m Lacy Gray and that’s Washington Ag Today on the Ag Information Network. 

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