Tax Reporting Workshop

Tax Reporting Workshop

A new regulation that requires H-2A workers to file income tax at the end of the year can seem rather daunting for employers and workers alike. A free one hour online class being offered by the Washington Farm Labor Association Thursday, September 27 can help you make sure that you and your H-2A workers meet federal tax requirements. WAFLA’s manager for the program, Melina Mendoza, talks about some of the challenges employers and workers face with this new regulation.

MENDOZA: The challenge is that the workers are here for a short period of time, and within that time they’re busy working, and then they go home a couple of days after they finish the harvest season, so it doesn’t allow for very much time for them to file their taxes. Plus, USCIS only allows them ten days to exit the country once the contract is over.

Mendoza talks about what members can expect from the workshop.

MENDOZA: They can expect to review the conditions under which they’ll need to file a W-2 and when you can still file a 1099 - there’s some wage restrictions there as to when you can file a W-2 or 1099. And then just showing them how to fulfill their obligation as an employer and the information they can provide to their workers to make sure that the workers comply with the regulation as well so that they can be allowed a visa for the following year.

A Moss Adams tax specialist will be conducting this free webinar. To register visit

I’m Lacy Gray and that’s Washington Ag Today on the Northwest Ag Information Network. 

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