Nevilles heart Warming  Saga Part Two

Nevilles heart Warming Saga Part Two

Susan Allen
Susan Allen


Horse lovers stay tuned,  on today’s Open Range we are talking  summer Olympics  in London and the stage is set for some heart  warming stories. I’m Susan Allen On  July 27th  will mark  100 years since equestrian competition became part of the Olympics. No temporary facilities out of the hub,  this will be quite the venue for a country with a history rich with equine tradition. The horse events will be held in Greenwich Park on which her royal highness has deamed a Royal Borough and unlike other Olympics rider will stay in the Athletes Village.  Riders can medal in team and individual competition  inhere vents:  Dressage,Sshow Jumping and Eventing,, men and women as equals.  One team I will be watching closely  is Boyd Martin and his ex-race horse Neville, Two years ago I covered the story of how Boyd dramatically  rescued Neville from a horrendous Memorial Day  barn fire that killed many of his stable mates. Severely  burned  it was questionable whether Neville would live, let alone compete. This is what we call heart in horses,  Neville has made an amazing recovery  placing 8th     last September in  the world’s toughest three-day event  and was chosen as International Horse of the Year. Boyd was recently quoted as saying that “Neville doesn’t owe him a thing, but to take him to the Olympic Games would be an amazing tribute to a horse who life nearly ended in tragedy. Stories like these are what I love about the Olympics no doubt  I’ll shed a few tears during the eventing portion of the equestrian games this July.
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