Broadcasting  Integrity

Broadcasting Integrity

 Myself and others here at the Northwest Ag Network work hard to bring our listeners informative as well as entertaining news from inside the agriculture industry. It may be considered old fashioned in this day and age but the Northwest Ag news team works hard to make sure stories are objective and accurate. We are not out to further an agenda of our own making but to report what’s really going on with today’s farmers and ranchers, as well as the ag and legislative leaders who make the decisions that can forever change the course of our lives. While some of our reports are lifestyle/editorial opinion pieces, we still try to do our research, be fair, and consider the consequences of what we write. Some at the network have worked and lived within the agriculture community basically all their lives. Others of us, while not new to broadcasting, are relatively new to the agriculture industry, but that only makes us strive to better understand farmers and ranchers, and the U.S. agriculture industry as a whole, and through that do a better job of bringing that information to you.

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