Stimulating Growth.

Stimulating Growth.

Stimulating Growth. I’m Greg Martin with today’s Line On Agriculture.

We all know that plants tend to grow better when you apply some kind of fertilizer but there are a myriad of products to choose from and there may also be some detrimental side effects from using certain kinds. Bill Diedrich is the Senior Executive Vice President of Global Agronomy for BiOWiSH Technologies. They have a new organic technology capable of increasing crop yield and allowing an extra harvest.

DIEDRICH: BiOWiSH is a company that has been around for 20 years. Started in SE Asia and the PhD that started the company and developed the technology actually started with the technology in aquaculture systems. In aquaculture they have a tremendous buildup of organic matter so he was looking for something that he could use to improve the water quality breakdown that organic matter. Hence was born the BiOWiSH technology. It had the ability to break down that organic matter at a very rapid pace.

The company is now headquartered in Chicago. The organic technology has been certified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

DIEDRICH: The technology itself is organic. It’s a powdered form product that you can use by dissolving it in water and it’s used in a broad variety now of verticals. These verticals include agronomy, obviously. The ability to break down organic material like we’re doing in the aquaculture systems is closely related to what we’re trying to do in agronomy. If we can break down the organic material in the soil profile then we can enhance the amount of nutrients available to the crops.

The product helps enhance the nitrification process which helps produce higher yields.

DIEDRICH: The second is during this process with the technology there are other variables in play that help stimulate the biologicals within the soil profile which in turn we can help stimulate a larger root mass or the root hairs. The net reaction of that is if we grow larger root mass and we are breaking down the organic material to have more nutrients available then - twofold; we’re driving more nutrient uptake to the plant, more mass flow; larger root system, the ability to get more water, more water has more nutrients in it and the result of that is generally an increase in yield.

There is also a certified BiOWiSH product available for the animal sector.

DIEDRICH: Within the animal agriculture segment we can use the products within the lagoon profiles to help breakdown organic matter. We also look at waste water applications. If we can do this in an animal waste lagoon where we have all these variables we also have that ability to break down organic material.
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That’s today’s Line On Agriculture. I’m Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network. 

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