Turkey Recall & Ag Tax Breaks

Turkey Recall & Ag Tax Breaks

Turkey Recall & Ag Tax Breaks. I’m Greg Martin with today’s Northwest Report.

Ag giant Cargill has announced a major recall on 36 million pounds of ground turkey linked to a nationwide salmonella outbreak. One death and 76 illnesses are being attributed to the tainted meat. All of the packages recalled include the code "Est. P-963" on the label, according to Cargill. The packages were labeled with many different brands including Cargill's Honeysuckle White, Kroger, Safeway and others.

Key ag tax breaks were not covered by the just-enacted White House-Hill debt reduction deal - but they could become part of debt reduction talks this fall. American Farm Bureau Tax Specialist Pat Wolff says estate tax reform, since it involves reducing a tax - seen by agriculture and others as onerous, could still come up.

WOLFF: What’s going to happen with estate taxes is still up in the air. We have an exemption that’s going to expire and legislation has been introduced to permanently repeal the estate tax. But how Congress will deal with that we don’t know. Could it be part of the debt talks that have to be finished by Thanksgiving or will they leave that out of that and have it be a separate discussion?

Now here’s today’s Washington Grange report.


That’s today’s Northwest Report. I’m Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network. 

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