Deadline for sage grouse habitat funding for ranchers

Deadline for sage grouse habitat funding for ranchers

Washington Ag Today February 24, 2011 Ranchers in certain areas of central and eastern Washington are being offered payments to help protect sage grouse habitat and improve range conditions for their livestock. Through the Natural Resources Conservation Service Sage Grouse Initiative, ranchers can receive as much as $1.90 per acre for rotational grazing and $8.68 an acre for “resting” rangeland an entire year.

NRCS Assistant State Conservationist Dave Brown says the payments, coupled with improvement in rangeland following the implementation of a grazing plan, should be very attractive to ranchers whose rangeland rental value averages 10 to14 dollars per Animal Unit Month.

The sign up deadline is March 4th. For more information producers are urged to contact their USDA-NRCS Service Center Office.

Now this from Stockland Livestock.

“This is Jack McQuinness with Stockland Livestock here in Davenport. A thousand cattle on our market this past Monday. Cows and bulls fully steady. Top of 82 cents for the cows and the best, higher yielding beef bulls at 95 cents. Feeder cattle fully steady to strong. A lot of cow-calf pairs and a lot of stock cows. Top on the bred cows $1560. Top on bred heifers $1440 for a real nice set of black heifers out of Montana. Sell cattle every Monday here at Stockland. Weight up cows and bulls in the morning. Stockers and feeders at one o’clock. Stockland Livestock in Davenport.

Thanks Jack.

I’m Bob Hoff and that’s Washington Ag Today on Northwest Aginfo Net.

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