Open Range Wrap  Up

Open Range Wrap Up

Susan Allen
Susan Allen

It’s Friday time to wrap up the week with stories that impact life out West. Landowners are rushing to enroll in the CRP wildlife enhancement programs, commercial feedlots would love outside cattle, Wild horses get justice in court and global warming is quickly becoming the next ozone layer.  I’m  Susan Allen stay tuned for  Open Range. Two weeks ago 150,000 acres were opened to landowner enrollment through the Conservation Reserve Programs for wildlife enhancement practice. Many states have already reported their allotted acreages fully enrolled. Idaho had extremely high demand for newly reallocated acres and by now is probably fully enrolled as well. In a turn of events that could work in favor of the small rancher or producers with stocker cattle  many commercial feed lots are opening their pens to outside cattle due to  fewer custom fed cattle thanks to the economy and weather related issues. How much is a wild horse worth? Figure about $40,000 a piece. Two Nevada men who maliciously shot five wild mustangs in November have been caught and charged earlier this month, If convicted each faces one year in prison and a $100,000 fine. What’s happening on the  Global Warming front? More mistruths and science proven faulty, thanks to a US Davis Professor the bovine version of climate gate with it’s cow flatulence and burps  has been proven to be as scientifically inaccurate as other global warming scandals.

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