Willamette Valley Theft & Harvest Weather

Willamette Valley Theft & Harvest Weather

Willamette Valley Theft & Harvest Weather. I’m Greg Martin with today’s Northwest Report.

Farmers in the Willamette Valley have been alerted to a rash of thefts so far totaling around $20,000. Over the last month various items including tools, all terrain vehicles and a John Deere gator have been pilfered. Officials are looking for the suspects and ask that anyone who may have information regarding the thefts to please contact the Marion County Sheriff’s Department.

We are on the downhill slide towards fall and with it harvest weather. Meteorologist Brad Rippey says to expect a bit more heat coming up.

RIPPEY: Looking ahead, the week two outlook, 8-14 day time period from August 18th through the 24th hard to believe but by this time we’re going to be through the better part of the growing season we’re going to be almost into the latter portion of August here. We are expecting hot weather once again building into the west like we saw in July. In terms of the rainfall patterns we do expect seasonable dry weather in the west coast states and also across the northern plains continuing to favor harvest activities.

In the 1960s Thomas Crocker came up with the idea of capping emissions of pollutants and then let firms trade permits that allow them to pollute within those limits. Today, at age 73, Mr. Crocker says - II'm skeptical that cap-and-trade is the most effective way to go about regulating carbon. The retired economist says - he prefers an outright tax on emissions because it would be easier to enforce and provide needed flexibility to deal with the problem.

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That’s today’s Northwest Report. I’m Greg Martin on the Northwest Ag Information Network.


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