CSU Researchers Learn Why  Mountain Lions Enter Urban Areas

CSU Researchers Learn Why Mountain Lions Enter Urban Areas

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett
Recent reporting says mountain lions sightings are increasing in Colorado high country.

Researchers at Colorado State University have been seeking an explanation as why the mountain lions have also been spotted in peoples' backyards when previous studies have shown the large predators are more likely to avoid human contact out of fear.

Matt Aldredge Mammal researcher for Colorado Parks and Wildlife says grad student Kevin Blecha led a study that tracked mountain lions with gps collars to monitor hunting behavior.

"There's a lot of theories out there that the lion that's born in these urban areas is going to be habituated to people and not be afraid of people and we found that they're not really habituated and this was a big key as to when they're coming into these areas. They're coming in more for feeding opportunities because there is a reliable food source in these areas."

He says this just part of the bigger puzzle of why mountain lions are coming into urban areas and help then understand how to manage lions in these areas.

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