Colorado Water Fluency Partnership Will Enhance Education

Colorado Water Fluency Partnership Will Enhance Education

Two organizations very involved in Colorado Water have created a partnership to enhance a three-month professional development course to help community and business leaders understand complex water issues.

The Colorado Foundation for Water Education has been offering its Water Fluency course for three years and now Water Sage has joined efforts by providing those within the course to search for water rights, water diversion and use, land ownership, streamflow in a map-based system as well as providing flexible ways to search and filter the data.

Ponderosa Advisors and Water Sage's Marketing Director Rebecca Callahan is participating in the current Water Fluency course. She speaks to the benefit of the two organizations joining to assist leaders in better understanding water issues in the state.

Callahan: "Having access to Water Sage as a platform would allow a much more enhanced curriculum. The goal of Water Sage is to provide accessibility, transparency and efficiency within understanding water rights. What I heard with the different attendees was it is like peeling back an onion. You think you know everything about the water industry and then you learn something new and realize there is more that you need to know. Water Sage's goal is to make that information as transparent as possible so people can make decisions efficiency, quickly, data-driven so that the results and solutions are better."

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