WAC Apple Plates Pt 1

WAC Apple Plates Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, this is today’s Fruit Grower Report. We’ve nearly reached the five-year mark of your ability to get Washington Apple Commission license

plates for your vehicle.

Commission president, Todd Fryhover says what better

representation could there be for our state than Washington apples …

FRYHOVER … “We’re $12 billion in direct and indirect economic impact to the state. People travel around the world from Washington state, and they go into grocery stores, and they expect to find, you know, Washington apples.”

When it all began, Fryhover says he discovered an added benefit …

FRYHOVER … “And I was talking to DOL about the licensing procedure and what was available, what it took to get it done as far as the financial side went. And they told me that we could designate a charity, that $28 per plate could go to.”

And Fryhover says the choice was obvious …

FRYHOVER … “I never really thought about any other group at all. The Washington Apple Education Foundation is a meaningful example of what our industry is all about, was giving back. So, you know, we determined at that point that WAEF was going to be the recipient of this $28 a plate.”

Promoting the plates, Fryhover says began slowly …

FRYHOVER … “But again, you know back to WAEF, you know, you’re at all these annual conventions, you’re at the schools, you’re talking with parents, you’re talking with students. And since that time, and it’s almost been five years, this July, we’ll have almost, or just a little over $97,000 in income through this process.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on why you should get Washington Apple license plates.

Learn how to get your Washington Apple License Plates at www.waef.org …


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