AM Radio Vote

AM Radio Vote

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. The “AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act” awaits consideration on the Senate floor.

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin is anxious to get the legislation passed with as little delay as possible …

BALDWIN … “We already voted that bill out of the Commerce Committee, so it's pending floor consideration, and I certainly hope that it's something that we can vote on soon. In fact, given the strong bipartisan support and reaching that 60 threshold that you need to overcome a filibuster, I'm hoping that we might be able to even pass it by a process called unanimous consent so that we can dispense with it in an expedited matter.”

Baldwin says the legislation has the minimum level of 60 sponsors and should be able to avoid the threat of a

filibuster on the Senate floor …

BALDWIN … “What's interesting is the filibuster is used far more frequently than it used to be historically.

But believe it or not, we do pass things by unanimous consent with some considerable frequency.”

Again, that’s Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin who says she'll keep pressing to get the “AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act” up for a vote and across the finish line as soon as possible.

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