Oregon Wolves to Colorado and Year-Round E15 Advances

Oregon Wolves to Colorado and Year-Round E15 Advances

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with your Agribusiness Update.

**After three years and dozens of public hearing disagreements, a handful of wolves from Oregon have been airlifted to Colorado and released.

Wolves were eradicated from Colorado in the 1940s.

Many ranchers spent a lot of time in the Colorado statehouse fighting the wolf releases and in a federal courtroom last week.

Several tourism directors also worried and point out it’s another predator to watch out for with children and small animals.

**The National Corn Growers Association praised an EPA decision that advances the request of several governors to allow the year-round sales of E15.

NCGA President Harold Wolle says allowing access to higher blends of ethanol year-round will play a critical role in helping the country meet its ambitious climate goals.

The request has been in limbo since the oil industry warned allowing E15 would cause supply chain issues and higher gas prices.

**The EPA announced it will restore the uses of chlorpyrifos and commit to a science-based review of the pesticide.

A pleased American Soybean Association director, Alan Meadows says EPA’s own science has repeatedly found there are at least 11 high-benefit, safe uses of chlorpyrifos.

The announcement is consistent with a November Eighth Circuit Cout decision that found EPA ignored its own scientists’ by ending numerous uses of chlorpyrifos they determined safe.

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