Raspberry Sustainability Survey

Raspberry Sustainability Survey

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower Report. If you are in the Raspberry industry and have not completed your Sustainability Survey … today is your last chance!


Allison Beadle, CEO of Wild Hive, the Washington Red Raspberry Commission’s marketing team, says your participation is crucial …


BEADLE … “We started this whole process about a year ago. And at the time, the sustainability survey was long, very robust. We were hoping to get a lot of data. What we learned from that effort was that the survey was too long and we couldn’t get folks to participate.”


But now, Beadle says a shorter survey is quick and easy …


BEADLE … “The purpose behind this is so that we can get just some baseline data on sustainability practices that are currently taking place in the industry. We know you’re doing them and we know you’re doing a good job. But we do need to be able to collect some data so that we can tell the story of what you’re doing.”


Without the data, Beadle asks, what can we say? …


BEADLE … “We get asked about sustainability practices of the industry all the time. And without some actual data to tell the story of what you’re doing, we don’t have good, sound answers for what the industry is doing from a sustainability standpoint, what the industry cares about, what are current practices in play. So that is why we really need you to respond to this and tell us what you’re doing.”


So, Beadle says, let’s git er done! You can do the survey by capturing the QR Code attached to this story on the www.aginfo.net or call the Washington Red Raspberry Commission.


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