WAEF's 30th Anniversary

WAEF's 30th Anniversary

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower Report. 2024 will be a milestone anniversary for the Washington Apple Education Foundation.

Executive Director, Dr. Faviola Barbosa says it’s hard to believe WAEF has been doing this important work for so many years …

BARBOSA … “Yes! We are excited! Next year, starting January 1st, we are going to start celebrating our 30th Anniversary. And what we are going to be doing is highlighting every Monday, we will highlight a donor, a current student, an alumni, or a volunteer.”

Highlight them, Barbosa says by telling their stories …

BARBOSA … “And so, we’re putting together little 60-second interviews with these individuals. We’ll put them on our social media and then you can see the full interview, we’ll have it on our YouTube channel.”

It’s a chance, Barbosa says to find out how everyone is doing …

BARBOSA … “And we’re trying to reconnect with all of those students that we’ve served over the 30 years. We calculate that we have about 3,000 students so we’re trying to reach out to them, make sure that we have their contact information correctly, feature them in some of those stories, but also invite them to our luncheon because we feel that that would be so inspirational for our current students and potential, future students to see the impact that these students had because of WAEF.”

Barbosa says they hope to bring them all together at next summer’s luncheons …

BARBOSA … “The luncheons, we have one in Wenatchee and in Yakima. And those are schedule in late July and early August.”

For more on WAEF’s 30th Anniversary, go to their website at www.waef.org … or check out their social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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