USDA Livestock Risk and Specialty Crops Programs For Price Declines

USDA Livestock Risk and Specialty Crops Programs For Price Declines

Lorrie Boyer
Lorrie Boyer
Marcia Bunger, Risk Management Agency Administrator for USDA highlights the fact that the Livestock Risk Program has grown exponentially in terms of the number of policies.

“It is now top the top 10 policy sold in the country.”

LRP provides livestock producers protection against price declines and Bunger addresses specialty crops policies, and the importance of producer feedback.

“ We insure so many specialty crops currently, but of course, there's always room for improvement. And in addition to whole farm that will cover just about any crop. We're also looking at individual crop policies and produce your feedback is so invaluable for us. And so if you are a specialty crop grower and you feel like you're lacking in coverage needs, I would encourage you to reach out to our 10 regional offices. “

And when it comes to getting information on any of these programs-

“I think the easiest way to do it is to start at the website. So If you have particular questions (or) interest, of course, talk to your crop insurance agent but also reach out to your particular regional office which is also found on the website."

That website once again is

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