Agriculture Land Values Expected to Stay Steady

Agriculture Land Values Expected to Stay Steady

Lorrie Boyer
Lorrie Boyer
The Farmer Business Network is a farmer-to-farmer network that includes a data platform where farmers can view prices and purchase inputs and get help with insurance and loans including purchasing and refinancing ag land, Daniel English farmers business network, General Manager highlights trends in ag land pricing.

“You know, the great thing is farmers incomes have been up the last couple of years this year, it'll be down a little bit compared to last year, but certainly much better than you saw in 2017 2018, etc. And that's been a great cash position for a lot of farmers. And so when lands come up for sale, a lot of bidders (are) driving prices up. What we've seen and heard a little bit anecdotally now is in these big auctions, because maybe two or three buyers were before there was 5,6,7 folks who are willing to pay a lot. So we expect there may be a little bit of softening but overall, you know, strong income strong balance sheets right now expect prices to stay pretty steady.”

English says that the real estate prices have gone up for farmers in all parts of the country. As for who is doing the purchasing;

“The marginal buyer and a lot of these auctions is still gonna be a US farmer. If

farmers are looking for ag land. FBN has a tool to help

river acre vision platform farmers can log on to their spray on our website. It's designed and built for farmers and they can see comparable sales in their neighborhood (in)six states we have an FBN estimate that will give you an estimate of what their land is worth.”

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