US Trade Mission Promotes US Meat Quality

US Trade Mission Promotes US Meat Quality

Lorrie Boyer
Lorrie Boyer
The US Meat Export Federation recently hosted a group of 20 US pork beef, corn, and soybean producers on a trade mission to South Korea and Japan. USMEF President and CEO, Dan Halstom says that for beef South Korea is the largest market in Japan is the third. As for pork, Japan is the largest US market Korea is the sixth largest market all based on value.

“Been good for these producers to come in and see meet the trade be at retail importers, distributors, the food service sector and I'd flip that over and say it's even equally important for our customers to meet to the producers. These are the folks that are producing their product, hearing a story from them about quality, about nutrition about taste and of course, the hot topic at the moment sustainability.”

Trade mission attendees talked with multiple importer customers while they're

the importer distributors, its retailers.

“It's the food service customers convenience store segment is big in both of these countries, especially in Japan and the further processors we met with further processors in Korea that are processing a lot of the home meal replacement kit.”

Halstrom points out that these countries have been out of COVID restrictions for only about a year and food service is still rebounding. While there he said the USMEF did maintain their main selling point to buyers and that is that US beef and pork is top quality


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