Ag Tech Spotlight: RanchBot Water Monitoring System

Ag Tech Spotlight: RanchBot Water Monitoring System

If you spend a lot of time checking water troughs, this monitoring technology could save you some hours.

RanchBot Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Coppin is with us to highlight some key features of their water monitoring technology.

“I grew up on ranches and I spent a lot of my teenage years driving around checking water for livestock. It's just one of those unavoidable jobs that burns a lot of time, a lot of money, but it has to be done and it creates a lot of uncertainty in ranchers’ minds. My experience of speaking to thousands of ranchers is they really worry about water on their ranch, where they're in places where they are not pretty much 24/7. Especially of course in hot summer months, in places like California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, you know when it's over a hundred degrees, cattle without water are not in a good way. So we solve that problem by creating Ranch Bot, which is a specialist tool made for ranchers by ranchers that remotely monitors water in real-time. That's a really critical point that it's in real-time using satellite technology to basically let ranchers know where their water is at all times. And most importantly, let them know when they've got a problem, when they've got a problem.

“So we now have those devices on some three and a half thousand ranches around the world. There's only about 200 of them are in the USA, and a lot of them in California now.”

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