Rural Broadband Pt 1

Rural Broadband Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. Not having access to consistent broadband puts many rural farmers at a disadvantage. But, thanks to the $3.8 billion in the USDA’s Reconnect Program, four Washington counties should soon be feeling that connection.

Washington Farm Bureau President, Rosella Mosby says there is a big disconnect between rural and urban internet access …

MOSBY … “It’s a rural disadvantage to those folks because they can’t connect like everybody else can connect. So, I’m excited. It should help fill the gap for a lot of people in ag that need it just as much as everybody else.”

And as time goes by, Mosby says it becomes more important …

MOSBY … “I mean we, I think in agriculture, are frankly just forced to become efficient because, you know, prices aren’t keeping up with the true cost of operating in agriculture. And so, if you can streamline some things and take advantage of those technical opportunities, it helps with our bottom line. Making that initial investment is tough sometimes, but it does pay off.”

Mosby says, Ag is at a real disadvantage …

MOSBY … “But when you just do not have access to broadband or that real-time element, it does slow down the process. And in the end it cost more money for people who have to do it the longer way.”

Tune in tomorrow fore more on the importance of improving rural broadband.

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