A "Messy Middle" for Agriculture Truckers and Shippers

A "Messy Middle" for Agriculture Truckers and Shippers

Lorrie Boyer
Lorrie Boyer
The agriculture trucking and shipping industry is facing big changes. Executive Director of the North America Council of Freight Mike Roeth, spoke during a Heavy Duty Trucking webinar and said that traditionally efficiency and fuel has stemmed from high prices. Therefore high prices along with other market drivers are pushing the decarbonization movement.

“As we look at, you know, this thing called decarbonization, and you know, it's kind of a big word, right, but it's being more efficient in our goods movement and being more sustainable in it.”

What the future of fuel prices looks like, along with regulations such as zero emissions mandates, and the Federal Greenhouse Gas Phase Three and the public's desire to be more sustainable are driving the movement.

“We've been boiling that up into three big actions, one is burn less diesel throw efficiency, it's being more efficient with what you're you know the vehicles and the driving habits and the browsing etc. Go to zero when you can and consider alternatives

“As the country converts to electric trucks Roeth says there will be a “messy middle” between now and then.

“A lot of solutions are coming out as quickly with renewable diesel, renewable natural gas, natural gas in and of itself, hydrogen in an engine hybridization. All of these are options that can help us burn less fuel be more sustainable while we're moving to electric.”

Roeth says it will be difficult for both truck owners to figure out what technologies to use and for truck builders to know what to offer.

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