FMC Friday Start Watching for Naval Orange Worms

FMC Friday Start Watching for Naval Orange Worms

Welcome back and thanks for joining us again for our weekly FMC Friday report! This FMC Friday is brought to you by Altacor eVo insect control powered by Rynaxypyr active. Don’t let Lepidopteran pests go unpunished.

Joining us this week is Eric Castner, western U.S. regional technical manager for FMC Castner is here to chat with us about the importance of staying on top of Naval Orange Worm eggs starting now, throughout the season.

“We know that we're going to have a problem with Naval Orange Worm. It is a year-in and year-out pest, and we know that we have to manage it.”

“It's fairly steady year to year, and a lot of it goes farm to farm how they've managed in the off season after harvest last year to minimize the number of naval orange worm that are overwintering and that will come out in that first generation.”

“The reality is, we're going to start managing multiple generations throughout the season, so it's not a pest that's here and gone…we'll start to manage multiple generations that could be as many as four or five generations throughout the season.”

Thanks for tuning in for FMC Friday. Shield your yield this season with Altacor eVo insect control and don’t let Lepidopteran pests go unpunished.

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