Wildfire Season Prep Starts Now

Wildfire Season Prep Starts Now

In the midst of a very wet spring here in California, don’t forget all the green lush covering the hills of your community will eventually turn into fuel for wildfires.

Although it might seem premature to be concerned about fires when a lot of California has seen floods for the last few months, firefighters want you to remember that it only takes a few days of hot weather to dry out that vegetation, making it susceptible to a fast moving fire.

Heather Miller, Fire Risk Education Specialist with the with the Oregon Fire Marshal’s office, says clearing debris from the roof of your home, barn, or shed is essential.

“It’s not the wall of flames that blow through a neighborhood that’s a risk, so much as it’s the ember shower that comes before the wall of flames. So, if we can get our house ready for those embers then we stand a much better chance of surviving a wildfire.”

She adds when clearing that debris, don’t forget about the rain gutters as well. And when it comes to the vegetation around your home… keep this short, trim with vegetation breaks.

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