FMC Friday How to Manage Leaf Footed Plant Bugs and Green Stink Bugs

FMC Friday How to Manage Leaf Footed Plant Bugs and Green Stink Bugs

Welcome back and thanks for joining us again for our weekly FMC Friday report! This FMC Friday is brought to you by Altacor eVo insect control powered by Rynaxypyr active. Don’t let Lepidopteran pests go unpunished.

Joining us this week is Eric Castner, western U.S. regional technical manager for FMC. Castner is here to chat with us about how to manage growing populations of leaf-footed plant bugs and green stink bugs.

“All of our bug pests are typically piercing, sucking, or have mouth parts that penetrate the nutlet. For example, the Leaf-Footed Plant Bug, they've got mouth parts that are like needles, and they penetrate that nutlet. And not only do they damage the nutlet, but the other impact that's significant as well is the introduction of disease. And so now we have a twofold damage to the kernel, a physical damage, and also the introduction of disease.

One of the, the challenges that we have is just with the extensive use of pyrethroids that we're starting to see them fall off in performance. There's some suspected resistance, So we are definitely in need of a new mode of action.

“One of those tools that's new to this year is the Indoxacarb active that's found in Avaunt eVo, it's a group 22 insecticide and that group's not being used in tree nuts. So it's an outstanding choice. It fits great in that early season.”

Thanks for tuning in for FMC Friday. Shield your yield this season with Altacor eVo insect control and don’t let Lepidopteran pests go unpunished.

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