EPA Approves California's Big Rig Plan and Egg Prices Down

EPA Approves California's Big Rig Plan and Egg Prices Down

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with your Agribusiness Update.

**The EPA has approved California’s plan to phase out the sale of diesel-fueled heavy-duty trucks.

The plan covers “big rigs” that transport much of the state’s ag products, as California seeks to reduce pollution and carbon emissions.

But, ag groups, including the California Farm Bureau, have expressed concerns that the California Air Resources Board’s zero-emissions plan could disrupt transportation across the state due to a shortage of electric vehicles, charging stations and drivers.

**The U.S. District Court of North Dakota issued a preliminary injunction against implementing the Biden administration’s final rule redefining the Waters of the United States in 24 states.

The court’s move comes in response to a motion filed by Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen.

According to the Montana Farm Bureau, estimates from the similar Obama-era rule would have placed nearly 90% of Montana’s land under the jurisdiction of the EPA.

**Cheaper by the dozen! Eggs, that is. After months of record high egg prices, there is some relief in sight and in your grocery stores.

Last week’s Consumer Price Index shows egg prices fell nearly 11% in March, the largest monthly decline in 36 years.

Reasons for the drop include relief from the avian flu outbreak, lower fuel costs, a reduction in feed costs, and a drop in demand for eggs.


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